How It works and Why do You need Us?

  1. All starts from challenge

    Step 1

    Explore challenges and find right one for you. It could be "Running Your First Marathon", "Becoming Software Developer" or even "Earn Money while Travelling The World".

  2. Peer-to-Peer Session With Coach

    Step 2

    After accepting Challenge You will have Video Session with Your Personal Coach.
    During session You will discuss Your upcoming journey towards your dream, develop personal plan and set deadlines.

  3. Action: on your way to Dream!

    Steps 3, 4, 5..

    From now the most challenging and exciting time will start for You - Time For Action!
    Now You have Roadmap, concrete steps to take and Your Personal Coach and Motivator, who always can help you along the way.

  4. Communicate with CoDreamers

    Join to CoDreamers club (all those who are trying to achieve or achieved same challenge)!
    We have own Messenger on board

  5. Celebrate Your Achievement

    Enjoy your achievement and explore new challenge!


Challenges Accepted


Taken Steps to Happiness




Professional Coaches

Learn From The Best

Get detailed plan (roadmap) how to achieve your dream, which is provided by person who has achieved it!

Get Motivated

Achieve your goals and dreams back-to-back with professional coach who will motivate and help you along the way

Detailed Roadmap

Each Challenge (Dream/Goal) is split into concrete parts (tasks) and each part has detailed explanation how to complete it

Find CoDreamers

Communicate and collaborate with others who has the same dream: together is much easier!

Professional Coaches only

Here We have only Verified Professional Coaches

Result Oriented

Our promise to You is To Do All The Best From Us Your Goal Be Achieved!

Our Pricing

Basic Package

Pay As You Go

6.50 EUR/month

  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Up to 3 challenges/month
  • Text-messaging with CoDreamers
  • Buy unlimited coach sessions
No commitments. Cancel anytime

Premium Package

Complex package

65.50 EUR/month

  • Personal Coach
  • Up to 3 Coach video sessions
  • Text-messaging with Your Coach
  • Up to 3 challenges/month
No commitments. Cancel anytime

Full Package

Unlimited package

165 EUR/month

  • Personal Coach
  • Unlimited Coach video sessions
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Unlimited challenges/month
No commitments. Cancel anytime

Accept Challenge. It's Time!

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